The Department dedicated to project chartering proposes a high-profile specialized service dedicated exclusively to the transport and logistics of heavy lift, large-sized modules destined for the industrial sector and plant components for electric power stations.

Intermare is specialized in the project cargo sector: an expert partner, efficient and always by your side.

Intermare has a long experience in the Project sector, a highly specialized and competitive field where the means of transport, the management skills, speed of response and the facility of interaction are all paramount. Our specialization in this field enables us to tackle every type of criticality with the strength of experience, consolidated over many years of activity, allowing us to foresee and control the variables in play, providing complete support to the shipowners and charterers.

A brokerage oriented to specific sectors dealing with large dimensions.

Our brokerage is oriented to heavy lift transport, large dimension modules for the industrial sector, components for oil and gas power stations, petrochemical and green energy plants. Among the components we are used to handling, there are tanks, high pressure vessels, transformers, reactors, turbines, heat exchangers, wind turbines of large dimensions and weight.

We work with the aim of always guaranteeing the best solution.

Our consulting activity on the international market is extremely thorough and efficient and is specifically aimed at always guaranteeing the best means of transport from both a technical and an economic perspective. Our staff is composed of highly experienced professional brokers, ready to tackle all possible criticalities and always seek the best solution possible in the shortest times.

Our relationships with the main shipowners in the sector are built on a solid and personal basis.

The company maintains long-standing commercial rapports with all the major shipowners specialized in heavy lift transport with Ro-Ro or semi-submersible units. In a globalized world, where times are increasingly tight and contacts are increasingly immaterial, Intermare still favors the value of personal relations, built over time on solid foundations, where the work performed together is a shared asset which comes to belong to the professional experience of everyone.

Skills, loyalty and reliability for the benefit of our customers.

Despite the technology, the Project market continues to move prevalently on a basis of trust and the loyalty and the reliability we have shown our clients over the years, together with our competency, represent the essence of our added value. This is why Intermare provides dedicated personal assistance which remains constant over time and guarantees the right level or efficiency, trust and confidentiality.

In addition, the continuous training of our personnel guarantees the adjustment to the continuous news in a rapidly changing sector and the highest level possible in terms of service and technology used.

Specialized services

Our services include:

Facts and numbers

+ 0

Ships handled in Italy

+ 0

Ships handled in Genoa

+ 0 mil

Project cargo cubic meters IN/OUT

+ 0 mil

Tonnes of cargo

+ 0

Hours of assistance on board

(Data calculated from 1982 to present)

+3 700 ships > we calculated an average of 125 ships/year (max 190 – min 60) x 30 years = 3,750.<br> The ships in Genoa still need to be calculated, if this can be significant data.

+5,5 mil cubic meters > 1,500 cm / ship x 3,700 ships = 5,5 million cubic meters

+1,2 mil tons of cargo > heavy lift from 100 to 2,000 tons

+88 800 hours on board > we calculated 24 hours on average x 3,700 = 88,800

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