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The maritime agency, which boasts a team of highly qualified and fully experienced professionals, is used to taking charge of the ship as soon as it enters the port, providing all the assistance necessary for the operations of loading and unloading, including all the administrative and health procedures, possible maintenance and repair activities, shipboard provisioning and crew movements and changes.

Intermare is a maritime agency with a consolidated experience in Genoa and the key Italian ports.

Intermare possesses a long experience as a maritime agency in the project cargo sector in all the main Italian ports where, directly or through a consolidated network of local agents, provides all the support and the documentation necessary for loading and unloading operations. In particular in the ports of Genoa – where the headquarters are located – Leghorn and Venice, it follows all operations directly, including inbound and outbound customs clearance.

From entering the port until the resumption of navigation

Our comprehensive and highly qualified service begins the moment the vessel enters the port and terminates when navigation resumes, guaranteeing assistance 24/7, 365 days per year on all operations and immediate response times.

Intermare assists the shipowners in all of the planned stages; our staff is ready to accompany the ship in all loading and unloading operations, in operations involving medical assistance, hygiene and healthcare, reparations, provisioning, crew changes and all the stages of document production (Port Authority, Local Health Authority, Maritime Offices, etc.).


Complete assistance and integrated management on the insurance side

We are also able to assist you in insurance matters thanks to a consolidated network of maritime surveyors, cargo surveyors and personnel specialized in the processing of claims management; our experience and national and international relations have always guaranteed the solution for the most complex cases together with an efficient rapid-response service.

Intermare provides ships with a single dedicated representative

Intermare provides each ship with a single and exclusively dedicated representative. Our agents are experts, highly flexible and very careful in making the arrival of the ship into port a simple and fast operation and above all, free of setbacks. The personnel dedicated to the ship comes on board to remain there throughout the time necessary to successfully complete each operation. Our troubleshooting skills are recognized by the thousands of ships which have benefitted from our services over the years.

The shipboard personnel is always our top priority. For over thirty years, we have been nurturing our rapports with the captains and other crewmembers; the value of relations has always enabled us to work in a climate of collaboration and trust; we are all members of the same team which has the common goal of performing the port operations in the best way and the shortest times possible.

Specialists in liner service, heavy lift contractors and project cargo

Traditionally, Intermare is oriented towards liner service, for contractors of heavy lift and project cargo, a complex and articulate activity to manage. Thanks to this background, we are able to provide all types of commercial ships with a fast and efficient service and constant assistance throughout all the operational stages.

Genoa Hub

Intermare has its historical headquarters in Genoa, one of the most important ports of the Mediterranean. In the Port of Genoa, we can provide a thorough and integrated service for all the needs of the ship. In addition to the regular operations of loading and unloading, we organize and supervise all possible reparations in port or in dry dock, covering all costs on behalf of the client, including those for replacement parts, welding, lashing and unlashing.

The Genoa office also supervises all the operations in all Italian ports; in particular:

Facts and numbers

+ 0

Ships handled in Italy

+ 0

Ships handled in Genoa

+ 0 mil

Project cargo cubic meters IN/OUT

+ 0 mil

Tonnes of cargo

+ 0

Hours of assistance on board

(Data calculated from 1982 to present)

+3 700 ships > we calculated an average of 125 ships/year (max 190 – min 60) x 30 years = 3,750.<br> The ships in Genoa still need to be calculated, if this can be significant data.

+5,5 mil cubic meters > 1,500 cm / ship x 3,700 ships = 5,5 million cubic meters

+1,2 mil tons of cargo > heavy lift from 100 to 2,000 tons

+88 800 hours on board > we calculated 24 hours on average x 3,700 = 88,800

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Intermare was chosen as exclusive representative for major specialized shipping companies including the Jumbo-SAL-Alliance – forged by two of the biggest players in the sector, Boskalis – with a fleet of semi-submersible ships and GMB – a highly specialized company.

Project / Chartering

The Department dedicated to project chartering proposes a high-profile specialized service dedicated exclusively to the transport and logistics of heavy lift, large-sized modules destined for the industrial sector and plant components for electric power stations.

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